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Critters By The Bay - Yowly

Yowly Coyote

Born: 07/01/2001, Agua Dulce, CA.

Species:  Coyote
Likes:  Likes Disney Movies and Roadrunner (and Coyote!) cartoons. Also has his own succulent and cacti garden in the middle of the desert.
Favorite Movie:  Disney's "The Great Mouse Detective"
Favorite Songs:  "Painted Desert" by Pat Benatar
Favorite Color:  Bright and cheery Orange and yellows
Favorite Food:  Leftover Pizza
Hobbies:  Gardening. He likes digging.
Favorite Character: Wile E. Coyote

Hey Hey! :) My name is Yowly and I'm happy-go-lucky coyote! There's little that I dislike and there's lots out there to like! I love Disney movies, it's kinda hard getting cable in the middle of the desert, so I recently got me a satellite dish. During the day, I like to relax in my den at Vasquez Rock and come out at night when it's nice and cool. There's lots of stuff that people throw away in the garbage during their visits to the park, but I love pepperoni pizza best of all!

I really like hanging out with my coyote friends! I know lots of other coyotes - Yippee, Mike, Cal, Scruff, Don... you'd think we're all related, cause we all have the same last name, but we're not. It's just that if we find a good name, we like to stick to it, you know? :) I also get a real kick out of hanging out with the rest of Critters by the Bay! There's Violet, and Croc, and Seurat and Avery and Yippee and Brokken and Hiko and Pucks and ... (snipped for brevity).

I like children and people who like coyotes. I ESPECIALLY like it when people bring pizza for me - so if you see me around and you happen to have some pizza in your pocket, I'll REALLY get to know you! :)


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