Violet Velvetpaw


Height:  6' 9" (ears up); 5' 11" (ears down)
Weight:  Just right
Hair:  Violet
Eyes:  A most lovely shade of green
Likes:  Dancing, Eurohorror, rampaging zombies (in movies)
Dislikes:  Not dancing, Eurotrash, rampaging zombies (real ones)
Violet met a lot of fellow critters at Further Confusion 2001, and here are just a few of 'em.

And after Further Confusion came ConiFur 2001, in the beautiful, if rather wet, Pacific Northwest.
And, of course, Further Confusion 2002 rolled around, and Violet joined Tiger Tribe, everyone's favorite belly dancers!
Violet's proud of her varied wardrobe, you know.
Want a closer look at her bellydancing outfit? It was created by the true Costume Goddess, Davina. Check out her web site!
Violet loves the holidays, too.

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