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Critters By The Bay - Domino

Domino A. Dobe

Born: 06/29/1999, Vienna, Austria.

Species:  Dog: Doberman
Likes:  Workouts, Hanz & Franz, Arnold Schawtzneger movies, Fighting Video Games (hates to lose), but above everything else, he loves himself (extremely vain).
Favorite Movie:  "Terminator" and "Terminator II"
Favorite Songs:  "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John
Favorite Color:  Green (like his eyes)
Favorite Food:  Haagen Dasz Strawberry Ice-cream
Hobbies:  Every free moment is spent working out.
Favorite Character: "Triumph" The Insult Comic Dog

Hello, my name is Domino. My English is not good, sorry. I like to excercise a lot. Excercise is good, it makes me look good - which is good. I like going to the beach and getting a tan (black and tan really). Also, it gives my admirers a chance to look at me - which is good.

Some day, I would like to become a canine cop. I like law enforcement, it gives me a chance to catch bad guys and also keeps me in good physical shape - which is also good. Whenver bad guys see me coming, they become frightened and whimper like a girlie-man.

I sometimes go to Critters by the Bay whenever I'm not working out. But sometimes they resent me because I am so good looking. That's okay - it's hard to live up to me, no? If we meet, I will give you tips on working out and pumping iron. Because muscles is good, no?


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