Croc O'Dile

The facts about Croc O'Dile's origins are mysterious and vague at best. He was born several years ago, somewhere in the Florida everglades. He claims lineage to University of Florida mascot Albert the Alligator, but this is yet unsubstantiated.

What is known is that he migrated to California to be with his other Critter pals sometime in 1997 and has been a proud member of CBTB ever since. After successfully undergoing recent cosmetic surgery on his tail, insiders say Croc is looking and feeling better than ever.

The only reptile among the Critters, friends say Croc is warm-hearted, despite being cold-blooded. Music has been said to soothe the savage beast, but it tends to move this gator. Besides dancing, Croc also enjoys children (in a light cream sauce. Just kidding!) and often ends up babysitting several at a moment's notice. On a related note, he also does detective work on the side in helping locate missing parents.

Known for being mischievous, Croc likes to good-naturedly poke fun at himself as well as others. His vision and writing ability are a bit impaired, but his sense of humor isn't. He thinks reptiles like him have been unfairly vilified in the media and hopes to help set the record straight by being at least as friendly and approachable as his furry cohorts. Those looking for proof need look no further than his 241:0 hug-to-bite ratio.

And lastly, to those few wondering why a gator would name himself Croc... honestly, don't you have more important things to worry about? ;)

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