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Critters By The Bay - Brokken

Brokken T-Wolf

Born: 10/12/2000, Seattle, WA.

Species:  Blue Wolf
Likes:  Sniffing and rolling on peers, ice-cream, werewolf movies and medium-well steak with A-1 sauce and those little onions and mushrooms! (slurp!)
Favorite Movie:  "Bad Moon"
Favorite Songs:  "Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran
Favorite Color:  Blue
Favorite Food:  Roadkill (after rolling in it)
Hobbies:  Chasing Deer and caribou (sometimes Moose... but never squirrel).
Favorite Character: Lon Chaney Jr as "The Wolfman"

Hi, my name is Brokken T-Wolf and I'm always happy to meet other wolves and people! Wolves are really social creatures you know. We live in tightly knit familes called 'packs' but I decided to hang out with the folks at Critters by the Bay. They're really a great bunch!

Whenever I'm not chasing prey down, I like to relax and catch a few movies on TV. Late at night, I like to take walks and howl at the moon. I wish the neighbors would appreciate my vocal talents a little more.

I know... You might be telling yourself "Why is he blue?" Well, I don't know... Ever since I was a puppy I've had blue fur, I guess that's what makes me special! I can walk on my hind legs and I really enjoy the company of others, especially children! So keep an eye out for me - If you see a big blue wolf coming down the street, don't be alarmed! It's just lil' old me! :)


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