The Border Collie Puppy

Born: 01/16/02, San Jose, California
Created by: ArendStudios
Designed, Worn, and Owned by: Jennifer Walker

Species: Toony Border Collie Puppy (Canis familiaris cartoonis)
Likes: Chasing sheep, herding stuffed animals, hugging kids (and adults!)
Favorite Movie: "101 Dalmatians"
Favorite Songs: "Rawhide"
Favorite Place: Wandering around in parades!

Ace was born at Further Confusion in 2002. He is a happy-go-lucky kinda puppy, and loves everyone!

Ace has brought smiles to thousands kids and adults at such place as Give Kids The World in Florida, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Palo Alto, and FairyLand in Oakland, California.

Ace loves parades! He has been seen many times in the Mountain View Spring Parade, and Holiday Parades in San Jose, and Mountain View California.

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